The Power of a Small Group of People

The weekend after Thanksgiving a small group of us got together to pack bags of essential items for homeless men women and children. We gathered in the offices of the Carroll Gardens Association, a group dedicated to social justice and housing equality.  Our members brought in items to donate like toothbrushes, soap, socks, etc. We decorated bags and packed them with various items. Later the bags were dropped off at Friends Church where they would be distributed later at their monthly community dinner.

While we were packing we heard from Tatiana of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. She has been working with some families navigating the family separation policy and helping people get back on their feet. We learned about a mother and son living in our community that had a heartbreaking story and needed support. An amazing thing happened.  From the small group of people attending we were able to help this family find a complimentary spanish speaking doctor and mental health professional, a brand new wardrobe for both and a generous financial sponsor. It is really incredible what can be achieved when we put our heads together.

Thank you so much our powerful compassionate community.