Visit to Bushwick City Farm

After getting a tour of the farm, and learning about all the produce that is grown and donated for free to the community, we got to work!

We had various jobs such as turning the compost piles, cleaning the chicken coops, re planting some of the seedlings to larger beds and picking up litter. The farm lets neighbors in the community pick their own herbs and veggies, and gives away all the eggs collected from the chickens.

A group of our familiea caught fish from the aquaponics tank and transfered them to another tank. The remaining dirty water is used as fertilizer for the plants.

If you missed this project but want to volunteer on your own, you can stop by 354 Stockton Street any weekend from 1230- sunset.

Sean Casey Animal Shelter

On an unexpected cold and snowy day in March, we met at the Sean Casey Animal Shelter in Windsor Terrace to meet some shelter animals and share some love. We snuggled the smaller dogs and fed them treats

Along with dogs we had a great time playing with Turtles that were roaming freely, we looked at lizards, spoke with birds. Thanks to the helpers at Sean Casey for a wonderful day!

Valentines Bags for the Homeless

In honor of Valentines Day we learned about sharing love with our community at the Brooklyn head quarters of “Repair the World”. We listened to a representative from Camba teach us about the homeless population in NYC. We talked about how it feels when you see someone who is homeless and you want to help and don’t know how to. We learned that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is acknowledge someone, look at them, say hi, smile.

We read some books about love and helping our neighbors, and ways to share love and show love. Repair the World provided the supplies together we made Valentine gifts bags with snacks and essentials to take home with us. Next time we see a homeless person on the street or subway we can give them our bag and say hello.


Visit to Cobble Hill Health Center

We had a great time with the residents at Cobble Hill Health Center. Thanks to BloomAgain for donating flowers and supplies. We met in their community room, sang and read stories together with the residents. After that we all worked together to make flower arrangements. Some of our children handed the bouquets out to the residents that were less mobile, some even went upstairs into their rooms to say hi and hand out flowers. It was so much fun to spread warmth and sunshine and make new friends! We can’t wait to go back and visit them again soon